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When it comes to losing weight, there are literally thousands of viable options to choose from. While it is certainly nice to have choices, it can be extremely frustrating trying to separate products, or diets, that actually work from those that are a complete waste of time. Is it any wonder why so many people are utterly unsuccessful when it comes to their weight loss goals?

With this in mind, it is crucial that you consider using only products, or diets, that are based on real science. Furthermore, it is also important to use only natural products that have been proven to be, not only effective, yet completely safe. One such product is known as Your hCG drops.

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According to the British endocrinologist Albert Simeons, hCG is a naturally occurring hormone that promotes fat loss by reprogramming the body’s hypothalamus to metabolize adipose tissue (fat) at a far more efficient rate. Furthermore, it has has been shown to increase a subject’s overall energy levels while suppressing their appetite.

When it comes to buying homeopathic hCG, the consumer truly has a wide range of options. Some manufacturers are extremely reputable and have thousands upon thousands of satisfied, repeat customers. Of course, there are just as many dishonest companies that only care about lining their pockets with your hard-earned money. As such, it is always a good idea to fully research any company that you are thinking about making a purchase from.

YourhCG is an extremely popular option that proudly makes all of their products in the USA. Quality and purity is assured as the YourhCG labs are monitored by the FDA to ensure that their products exceed the typical Good Manufacturing Practice and abide by all of the standards set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Available Products

When it comes to buying products from YourhCG, there are four basic options:
• 15 Day Supply – 1 ounce bottle of drops for $69*
• 30 Day Supply – 2 ounce bottle of drops for $119*
• 45 Day Supply – 3 ounce bottle of drops for $159*
• 60 Day Supply – 4 ounce bottle of drops for $199*
*Each of these options come complete with Dr. Simeons’ revolutionary book, Pounds & Inches, which fully describes the hCG protocol in full detail. Furthermore, all customers receive a 100% money back guarantee and unlimited customer support.




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