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I never knew what health meant until I got to experience and live in perfect balance. Seriously, I’m talking about a healthy condition of the mind, body and social life. Once you balance these three, or maybe you can make it four and add spiritual aspect, like what I do each day, you can make reassurance that you will live long everyday without feeling tired and stressed. I say ‘long everyday’ because we, human beings, tend to prolong the days when we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything significant in our lives yet and so the sense of urgency makes it look like the days are extending. Still, at the end of each day, we usually, if not always, feel disappointed searching for, perhaps, the biggest one-shot opportunity, wealth or power. I’m not saying dreaming these things to happen in someone’s life aren’t healthy. My point is, since we all are competing in this tough and rough ride, giving oneself the time to care for himself isn’t bad as the long wait for that huge break to strike.

As for me, I never forget to give myself a five-minute break for either sipping coffee while breathing deep on the rooftop of the office building or walk my bare feet on the sand when I was assigned in the West. At least one meal, I resign my tummy from eating meat and give it with fresh greenies or juicy fruits. The thing is, it’s not bad to eat protein because our body testifies its need for a certain amount of it. The trick there is to mix vegetables and fruits in your plate and chew them slowly to allow good digestion. Also, I want waking up in the morning, jog in the park and meet new people. If I will count the benefits I will get from what I’ve just mentioned, I will surely get discipline, good cardio and social interaction, all at an hour activity. If I can get healthy this way, you too can be healthy only in your own ways.

Eating better is the secret way in maintaining a fit and strong body. Here is the list of nutritious and healthy foods that I recommend in order to achieve optimum health and body wellness.

For fruits, I propose pineapples as a snack. In addition to its refreshing taste, it also contains high amounts of fiber which is good for digestion. I also suggest apples, oranges, bananas, cantaloupes, blueberries, peaches, grapefruit, strawberries and grapes. However, you have to avoid excessive consumption of fruits because some of them contain high sugar content.

Under whole grains, I advise multigrain cereals for breakfast which include oats, rye, barley and a lot more. Some of the other alternatives include brown rice and yams together with sweet potatoes, basmati, white potatoes and 100% whole wheat bread.

For vegitables, I suggest broccoli, tomatoes, onions, spinach, cucumbers, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and salad greens. There are also lean proteins such as chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, buffalo meat, lean ground turkey, flank steak, salmon and trout which can provide healthy source of protein for your body

There are various ways on how to modify dietary plans. I always put in mind to eat in moderation and do not try to over feed myself. I have also learned to cut down my consumption of low fat yogurt, skim milk and low fat salad dressings. It is also important to trim down sodium intake as well as red meats that are usually high in fat content together alcohol, brownies, full fat dairy products and a lot more.

You must exert time and effort when it comes to the foods you eat. It is essential to acquire some information regarding the right kind of foods that are available for various health conditions. In addition to weight, I also suggest to discipline yourself regarding the quantity and quality of food you consume.


The truth is that every type of medication produces side effects in the body. If you are taking in HCG drops or planning to, there are several HCG side effects you should note. These effects are not actually life threatening, but knowing a bit about them will clear your mind from several misconceptions. Before delving deeper into the subject, it is appropriate to discuss what the hormone is.

www.hCGOnlineBuy.comHCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a naturally-occurring substance found in both men and women. However, it is more commonly produced during pregnancy in women. According to ATW Simeons in 1954, the hormone can be used to aid in weight loss along with a 500-calorie diet. The hormone will trigger the conversion of white stored fats into usable energy, thus allowing you to lower your caloric intake to as low as 500 calories a day.

HCG Side Effects

Today, the hormone is commercially supplied as a weight loss supplement to aid in weight loss. Companies who sell the product also provide a 500-calorie diet guide including recipes and diet plans. When using the product, the user may feel slight lightheadedness, headache, and leg cramps during the onset of the diet.

The headaches may be the result of taking in less calories a day than usual. The leg cramps are also the direct result of eating less. However, this is only natural during the start of the diet regimen. As soon as you get used to the diet, you can overcome these minor hurdles. Perhaps one of the major HCG side effects, or probably the only one, is the increased weight loss. Not a bad thing for people who want to shed a good deal of extra weight.

Choosing an HCG Product

hcg-1234-dealWhen it comes to choosing which product to buy, always be aware of frauds. There are companies that sell fake HCG. These products may only contain a very little amount of the hormone or none at all. Therefore, be sure to do your homework and research on the company that sells the product. Read product reviews and determine what other previous users think about them.

Weight loss through the use of HCG supplements can work as long as you follow the diet program provided in the purchase of the product. The supplements are natural so do not worry about major HCG side effects. If there is one major side effect to think about, it is the rapid weight loss that comes along with it.


How Does The hCG Diet Protocol Work?

Many people are constantly searching for the best ways to lose weight, and come to www.hCGOnlineBuy.com with this very question. In this endeavor, 45 million Americans diet every year but, unfortunately, only 5 percent of these dieters keep off the lost weight after dieting, according to the CDC. As such, the introduction of the hcg diet protocol has been a lifesaver, as it promises better results than other diets. So far, this diet has been successful in over 100,000 individuals. However, just as in any other weight loss diet, you have to overcome challenges and develop strategies to enable you complete the diet successfully. Here are some insights on how to complete this diet successfully.

Ideally, the hcg diet involves a specific protocol that must be adhered to strictly in order to lose weight. The diet plan is based on a low calorie diet of 500-1200 calories except for the first phase where you are supposed to load up on high carbohydrates and fatty foods. You are expected to go through three stages namely the loading phase, weight loss, and maintenance stages.

Staying On Target With The Official hCG Diet

You have to be very diligent in eating the right amount of food and the right foods. The hcg diet protocol calls for following a diet rich in lean meats, many fruits and vegetables, and seafood. At the same time, you should take the right dose of hcg drops. While taking hcg drops, make sure you do not exceed the set calories because this will work against your goals and you will end up gaining weight. Even taking two small apples in place of the required one apple could be detrimental to your weight loss. Research on the hcg food list and ensure you understand everything to avoid making mistakes. Consult a professional to create a hcg diet plan tailored for you and have it ready even before starting the diet. This will keep you focused on what you need to take.

Due to the strict low calorie diet, most people often suffer from cravings and hunger pangs that can make following the plan tough. To overcome this discomfort, you need to be prepared mentally for such challenges. Losing weight is not easy and you must be highly motivated and guided by realistic goals that will keep you in check when you feel like giving up. In essence, you can lose as much as two pounds every day with the hcg diet, but if you need to lose a lot of weight, understand and accept that the process will be longer.

One of the advantages of using the hcg protocol is the fact that you develop better eating habits and you are better placed to maintain your weight loss over time. To complement your new healthy eating habits, take up regular exercise. You can engage in light exercises while on the restricted diet and increase the intensity during your maintenance stage. This will help you keep the weight off for many years as long as you are consistent.


HCG Diet Plan Covered

Here at www.hCGOnlineBuy.com we’ve seen the breakthrough of the hCG hormone as a formula for losing weight has taken the world of weight loss by storm.  HCG drops or injections have been the most sought after weight loss product in the industry today.  Along with the hCG diet plan, anyone who will be going on this diet, provided that they follow it to the letter, is promised positive results.  The hCG diet plan is divided into three parts: the Loading Phase, the Maintenance Phase and the Stabilization Phase.  Let’s discuss each phase briefly.

The Different Phases

The Loading Phase is actually the preparatory phase for the Maintenance Phase.  During the Loading Phase of the hCG diet plan, the person on such diet takes ten to fifteen hCG drops three times a day.  One must consume as much calories as possible.  Gorging on chocolates, pizza, ice cream, fried chicken, rice and all other extremely fattening food is the goal.   The purpose for this is fat storage.  The Maintenance Phase is also referred to as the very low calorie diet phase.  During this phase, the individual still continues to take ten to fifteen drops three times a day but with a 500-calorie food plan.

The last phase is the stabilization as the dieter is expected to maintain the recommended daily calorie consumption based on the body mass index.  Take note, this phase does not require the maintenance of hCG any longer.

How Did It Come To Be?

You probably must have heard about how hCG drops or through injections, has caused a tremendous effect on those who have been trying to lose weight since time immemorial.  This is because the diet itself, has been carefully structured in such a way that it works with the formula wherein it capitalizes on the body’s metabolism and stored fats.

The human chorionic gonadotropin is actually a hormone found in pregnant women.  This hormone is in charge of allowing the baby access to the mother’s stored fats, the abnormal fats to be exact. hcg-1234-dealThese fats are essential for the baby’s growth and development.  The very same fats become the target when one is taking in the diet supplement.  This diet has been specifically structured to manipulate those very fats and our body’s metabolism.  Because the hormone works at a metabolic level, dieters are able to maintain a low calorie plan without affecting their body’s daily energy requirement.  In fact, hCG is also used to help muscle builders protect muscle mass and reverse the side effects of androgenic steroids.
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Many people are looking into eating better to get healthier. Of course, there are so many diets out there that it can be very difficult knowing which one is the best. Here are 5 things I would recommend to help you feel better and healthier:

Reduce your fat content

The longest living civilizations in the world tend to eat low fat diets. No matter what foods you eat, make sure they are low in fat. This is probably the most important rule of all.

www.hCGOnlineBuy.comNo more than 5-10% of your total calories should come from fat for optimal health. However, most people get roughly 30-40% of their calories from fat. If you drop your fat content, you will feel more energetic and will probably lose some weight as well.

Eat fruits and vegitables

These should be the staple of any healthy diet. No matter what else you consume, try to consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

Drink water

Eliminate all your sodas, coffee, and juices. Instead, drink only water. This is the best cleansing liquid on the planet.

Eliminate processed and junk foods

These will produce toxins in your system, and generally will make your body more acidic and less healthy. Try to eliminate all processed foods, even all natural products. Instead, you want to focus on whole foods.

Get rid of salt

Salt will cause you to retain water weight, and it dehydrates you. There is a reason that drinking salt water kills you. This is because the salt in it dehydrates you more than the water hydrates you. This should tell you something about its’ nutritional value. You will likely find that you have a lot more energy by getting rid of salt, and you will probably lose some water weight as well.


If you are looking into eating better, then focus on eating a low fat, low salt diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This is what I have done recently, and I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy levels over my previous high fat vegan diet. Stay consistent, and you will see results shortly.