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Once upon a time, if someone had claimed that a diet product could shrink one or two pounds from my waistline every day without me having to run five miles a day and just eat lettuce, I would have scoffed. It would have sounded like a terrible joke, and anyone who believed it would have seemed clinically gullible in my eyes. Today, however, it has become clear that this really is possible. In fact, it happened to me.

HCG weight loss drops have changed my life. They transformed me from a pot-bellied mother of two to a slim woman who looks like she never gave birth in her life. I had tried so many other options that I felt like giving up. The great thing is I did not have to become an Olympic athlete to make this transformation. All I had to do was take some oral drops every day.
It is true that I was not eating as much on this diet as I had been before. HCG did something really clever to my body. This product, developed several decades ago, actually tricked my body into thinking it was pregnant. That might sound like a recipe for disaster which would lead to my gaining weight instead of losing it, but what really happened is amazing.

I ended up burning fat from around my buns and hips. My tummy shrunk. This was as a result of not eating as much food. In spite of that, my hunger pangs were manageable. Weight loss review sites explained what was happening really clearly for me, a totally non-scientific customer. When a woman is pregnant, her body needs to feed another human being using any energy available, including stored fat. This happens regularly when a pregnant woman suffers from morning sickness (or when she takes HCG).

The trick is that while I ate less, I had the same level of energy. My body remained healthy. As I had quite a lot of weight to lose, this diet worked really well for me. HCG weight loss is made for people who are substantially overweight or even obese. There are injections available too, but I hate shots, so the drops were convenient. As for the expense, I hardly felt that. After all, I was eating less food. The only extra costs I have noticed from taking this diet were felt when I went clothes shopping for smaller sizes.

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Lesha Laxner

I've been in the health field for over 20 years, and have been working with people to help them increase their overall wellness. I have focused my recent studies on the hCG diet, and been able to see dramatic results in everyone I've worked with. I'm excited about what the earth has for us and the possibilities to improve our vitality. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Lesha Laxner on Google+

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