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    JINRUI LAI- Originated from Hong Kong brand


    我們相信,在公司全體員工的不懈努力下,和廣大客戶不斷的支持下,美好與輝煌的明天- -定屬于我們!

    The company is a professonal engaged in loxury aluminum home decoration aluminum material research and development, production, sales of enterprises. The main products are all aluminum outdoor railings, all aluminum stair handrails, all aluminum fence fence, all aluminum indoor doors and soon. With a high quality production management system and a strong R & D technical team, the products are made of high strength titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profiles, and the surface is made of Italian simulation wood grain technology. We rely on advanced equipment, high quality raw materials, scientific technology, high quality management team, so that the products have a highly reliable quality assurance, the majority of customers and consumers recognized.
    The company always adheres to the corporate values of "customer satisfaction, innovation, quality first, win-win cooperation and team achievement". Paying attention to the continuous innovation ol products, and developed a number of series of home decoration aluminum products, for different regions, consumer levels of choice.
    We uphold the "adhere to continuous independent research and development innovation, for the sound development of aluminum armrest industry" enterprise mission, with unremitting efforts, the desire for innovation and sincere pursuit of technology, try to add a charming scenery line for your home....
    We believe that under the unremiig fforts of all the staff of the company, and the continuous support of our customers, a better and briliant tomorrow must belong to us!
    We welcome you to join us..

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