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The hCG Ultra diet drops improved “Better Than hCG” formula provides an easy an effective weight loss kit that is easy to use and follow, and this review will cover the most important points in evaluating if this is the correct plan for you.  We are already seeing the “Better Than hCG” diet moving ahead of the game with their new formula with additional B12 drops and other goodies many other brands do not provide.  They are part of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which very few competitors have been able to do.  We liked to see the success stories they provided of their clients that were using their program, pictures and actual stories are worthwhile for anyone investigating a diet program. Their “Better Than hCG” drops are made in the USA and they’ve received endorsements from Dr. Devin McClean and provide a bio on who he is and his reputation in the medical field. They provide a guarantee that is nearly unmatched: if after 30 days of being on the diet plan, if you have not lost 15 pounds then they will send a refund of the full purchase amount!

Better than hcg Better than hcg reviews

hCG Ultra Diet Drops “Better Than hCG” Review Continued


Diet Plan #1:

During the initial stages of the first plan you will be eating as you normally would, although if you tend to over eat then you’ll need to plan on eating less the first few days of the hCG Ultra diet plan.  You find that the hCG Ultra diet drops will help in curbing your appetite, so if you have issues with hunger pains the Better Than hCG drops will act as an appetite suppressant as well.  You’ll be taking the prescribed amount of drops based on the schedule you’ll receive in your plan.  As with all hCG diets it’s important to follow the diet to the letter, otherwise the effects will not be nearly as effective.  This plan will also help in keeping off the weight and making sure, this is not merely a short term solution.  The hCG Ultra diet plans all help in the before, during, and after stages.  The Better Than hCG plan #1 is based around a 60 day timeline and up to 40+ pounds of weight loss.

Diet Plan #2:

Plan 2 Revolves around a 30 day timeline and allows for fast weight loss.  Many people have some distress about what they can and cannot eat on the hCG Ultra diet.  A list of approved items is available and ideas for meals are provided with the Better Than hCG plan #2.  There are categories from proteins, vegetables, and fruits on the list, and you have freedom to mix and match based on personal preference.  For those that wonder if they can use ketchup, salt, and other additions, you will also have a list that will guide you in your Better Than hCG diet.  Since the diet is based around a 30 day timeline you’ll find a variance in both the  drops taken, and specifics on the diet.  Again everything is lined out clearly in your hCG Ultra diet kit.  Around 20-40 pounds of weight loss in plan 2.

Diet Plan #3:

This plan is designed for quick and sustained wight loss.  If you’re wanting to shed pounds quickly (15 days to be exact) then you’ll want to opt for this plan.  The hCG Ultra diet drops will follow a strict plan and your diet will also need to be followed exactly.  If you do get sidetracked or miss something all is not lost, instructions for missed drops or a mistake on the diet can be adjusted, but this might effect your weight loss slightly.  This hCG Ultra diet review and the hCG Ultra diet program can only give you guidance and support, but with most diets you will need to monitor yourself and utilize self control as the diet will be out of the ordinary in the beginning.  8-10 average pounds lost in plan 3.

Overall we are very impressed with the Better Than hCG diet and had a hard time deciding on our top 2 programs. This came in a close second and you won’t go wrong on this plan.

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