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Among the many choices out there for various types of “appetite suppressant diet drops” supporting the diet, it’s important not to forget the drops direct option.  These drops are meant to be placed under the tongue and serve two very important functions which make them a very important part of this diet plan: the drops use natural ingredients in order to help suppress your appetite making you less hungry while on a very low calorie diet and promoting the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin in the body which encourages your body to burn fat for energy and stay out of starvation mode.

According to the drops direct program, the safe and natural formula should be taken three times a day, often before meal times in order to fully curb the appetite before eating.  Because any type of HCG diet drops are supplemental in nature, the very low calorie diet (VLCD) eating plan that goes with the traditional HCG diet still needs to be followed in order to experience the rapid level of weight loss advertised.


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This program is sold as a package and the smallest starts as a 21 day program.  Making it a three week operation helps, since obviously weight loss does not happen overnight.  There are also programs available for 45 and 90 day programs as well.  Having that extra support and more resources to help above and beyond the actual supplemental drops will help many people stay with the diet plan long enough to allow it to work on them.  Almost any diet plan works better with dieters when very specific support is offered.

You do need to understand, however, that the drops are not some magic diet cure all.  If you take the drops but don’t follow the diet, then there’s no guarantee of weight loss.  The drops and the eating plan are both tools to be used in conjunction with one another.  Most of these drops will be composed of the same natural ingredients to stimulate the release of HCG in the body while also keeping your hunger batted down, so often times the best way to measure the difference between these drops is to look at what else is offered as part of the program.


What does their system include?

The 21, 45, and 90 day systems all have different price tags as well as different combos.  All three programs include a best recipe book in PDF format, the “Pounds & Inches” ebook, and the HCG Diet Weight Loss Program guide.  The main difference comes in the amount of HCG you receive with each.  When looking at this system the 21 day program comes with one 2 ounce bottle of drops, the 45 day program comes with one 4 ounce bottle, and the 90 day program comes with two 4 ounce bottles as well as an additional weight loss tracker not included with the other two.


How does it compare?

The biggest gripe with the HCG Dropsdirect system is that some people believe the price is a little high considering there aren’t a lot of extras, but at the end of the day it is an effective program and for many people that will always be the overriding concern.




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