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There have been numerous diet reviews that could be viewed almost everywhere: from magazines and even online.  With the resurfacing of the hCG diet, there are also many researchers and writers who have written different hCG diet reviews for the benefit of the consumers.  These reviews can help pinpoint the strengths and the weaknesses of the diet and ultimately lead you to the best fit, and most trusted brand.  While there are many differing opinions we’ve tried to cut through all the noise and bring only practical information.  This would then spark the interest of many overweight people who really wish to lose weight.


The hCG drops reviews that are found online have mixed opinions, and typically are biased towards only their own brand.  There are some reviews that are positive-sounding while some are the exact opposite.  Many of those who do not believe in the power of the hCG diet say that it is a dangerous kind of diet to try out.  It involves the consumption of below normal amounts of calories per day (anywhere from 500-1200 depending on the program).  The said people usually point that out as the main reason why those under the hCG diet lose weight very fast.  For those who do believe in the hormone, vow and swear that the plan truly works by targeting fat stores in the body, much like the hormone works in pregnant women.

With the mixed reviews, it is not surprising that many people become confused whether they should start with the diet or not.  For those who are in favor, they present facts that are very optimistic and present ways to help others evaluate the pros and cons.   The hCG diet remains to be a very controversial kind of diet and it is a good thing to know what are the pros and cons before undergoing this kind of diet.  We receive testimonials from various customers on the weight they’ve lost every month, and each story is unique.  We’ve found that most people that had success were able to stick with the program despite the new diet they started.  If you’ve never gone on a diet before, then the hCG diet plan is pretty unique compared to most.  We rated hCG 1234 as our top brand because they are one of the only that provide multiple calorie plans.  Since the research for the diet was done back in the 1950′s there have been new discoveries on what works better, and hCG 1234 has lead the pack in their discoveries.  Since the popularity of the diet has increased so much there has been a lot more data to go off of, and therefore improvements can be made to help a wider array of people.

When you check out the current hCG drops reviews, you’ll find we’ve taken the time to inspect the top brands in the industry.  The hCG diet has elicited a variety of reviews, and we’ve done our best to get rid of any brands that did not meet our highest standards.  Whatever the hCG diet reviews are, it is important for the dieter to know which one he or she should follow, we recommend hCG1234 as our highest performing hCG drops.  Careful planning and research is important before taking on a new task or endeavor.  This is the only way to protect oneself from any regrets in the future.  Once you’ve taken the time to read through our reviews you should have a better idea which hCG diet plan will work best for you.



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