hCG Diet Dangers, Are There Any?



hCG Diet Dangers

The hCG diet is once again resurfacing after being kept quiet for so long.  Now, more than 50 years after its discovery, it has made itself known again.  But unbeknownst to many dieters, there are actually only a handful of  hcg diet dangers or side effects that people should be aware of.  While many people have varied results on the diet, the amount of positive far outweighs the negative we’ve researched .  This is why we’ve poured over numerous studies regarding hcg diet dangers in order to educate you on what to expect.  This is to make sure that the dieters are kept safe.

Staying Away From hCG Diet Dangers

When a person tries to follow the hCG diet, he or she will be getting hCG drops and at the same time, go on a very low calorie diet.  This one of the possible hCG diet dangers:  the body does not get the needed amount of calories per day, it’s important that you monitor yourself and follow the instructions of the hCG diet to the letter.  An average male adult should get an average of 1,200 calories per day, but in the hCG diet, he will only be able to consume a measly 500 to 550 calories per day.  This is one of the reasons why people who go on the hCG diet lose weight very fast.  This is one hCG diet dangers that people should know.  If for any reason you feel ill consult your doctor immediately and stop the diet until your doctor has checked you.

Another hCG diet concern that is important to be brought out into the light is the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved this hormone to be used for weight loss purposes.  While this is the case for thousands of products it’s important to note that all non FDA approved drugs still have use today, both our team and those we’ve talked to use many supplements, vitamins, and remedies that have life changing effects.  Our site only promotes hCG diet drops that are made in the USA and that all products are monitored and supervised by doctors and scientists.  One of the most common hCG diet dangers, if it can classify as a danger is headaches.  This most the most common hCG diet side effect we ran into, and it’s typically due to the decrease in calorie intake.  We have not found a direct link to the hCG diet drops and headaches, but we do know decreasing calorie intake can cause mild headaches.

Due to the recent popularity of the diet, many people will naturally want to do their homework and find out whether it works, and is safe.  Aside from the decreased calorie intake and mild headaches we have found the hCG diet to be more effective than dieting alone.  Because the diet restricts the dieter down to a quarter of the needed calories, many processes in the body might be slowed or fatigued, be sure to drink plenty of water, and monitor your overall heath each day for any differences.  Among the hCG diet dangers fact and fiction there are real success stories and normal people losing weight and keeping it off.  Drugs should be used only as indicated, and again it’s important not to deviate from what is directed.  As for going on any diet, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor first.  It is our goal to find any hCG diet dangers present or future to ensure your safety and success in losing weight effectively.


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