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Rating: 5/5
EasyHCG has been one of our favorite brands for so many reasons.  They have a superior product compared to 99% of all other hCG drops providers, and as their name denotes they are super easy to work with.  They’ve really taken the time to understand the average dieter who wants to lose weight, and is considering their product.  Along with that comes one of the easiest to follow programs on the market and some of the best priced as well.  We’re taking a closer look to see if really is that easy.



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Easy HCG is one of the top manufacturers of HCG drops. They are among many companies who have created a unique HCG formula that allows users to take the HCG orally instead of having to deal with expensive and dangerous HCG injections. They have had years of experience and have earned a top spot in this review due to many unique qualities that can be hard to find among other HCG companies.

When it comes to purchasing a new diet plan there are many factors to consider in order to give yourself the highest chance to reach your weight loss goal and achieve success. Easy HCG covers all the steps in order to help you obtain your goal. Their customers typically experience 1 – 2 pounds of weight loss per day while on the diet. Here are some of the benefits that Easy HCG has:

  • Lowest Prices – Currently they have an ongoing promotional code you can use during checkout that will take 20% off the total price. The code is EASY20OFF. This brings the price of a 2 oz. bottle down to just $63.99!
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee – Their “no questions asked”, “30-day money-back guarantee” is one of the best guarantees around when it comes to HCG drops. They also do not charge any restocking fees on returns.
  • Expedited Shipping – Orders go out same day if ordered before 3pm and go through UPS. You can also call and upgrade to overnight shipping if you need it sooner.
  • Superior Customer Support – They have an 800 number where you can talk to a diet specialist about anything, live chat, email support and even a Facebook support page where you can connect with others who are also using the Easy HCG drops.
  • Complete Diet Package – The diet comes with over 100 HCG-friendly recipes, a comprehensive diet instruction manual, and the ebook Pounds & Inches written by the creator of the HCG diet.

How Does Their Formula Work?

Easy HCG has come up with a unique formula of HCG and amino acids that help you burn abnormal fat while on a low calorie diet. Many companies have completely stopped adding any form of HCG into their drops yet still claim to sell “HCG” drops. Here are the main ingredients in the Easy HCG formula:

Manufactured in the USA in an FDA approved lab. This is the main active ingredient that tells the Hypothalamus to use and burn away abnormal fat levels while on a low calorie diet. Going onto a low calorie diet without HCG can cause the body to burn away muscle and normal fat levels before targeting the unwanted abnormal fat, this can cause you to feel weak and tired.

Arginine: This amino acid is a protein building block for the body. It helps your body use calories more effectively which basically reduces the chance that excess calories turn into fat. It can also help lower the chances for triglycerides to build up in the blood stream.

L-Carnitine: Helps the body dispose of extra glucose in the body as well as increases the metabolism which leads to a faster break down of fat.

Ornithine: Helps your body avoid muscle loss during a low calorie diet.

Vitamin B12: Gives you extra energy and can help you you to avoid hunger cravings while on a low calorie diet.

This unique formula allows users to follow the original HCG diet protocol created over 50 years ago by Dr. Simeons. While on a 500 calorie per-day-diet diet the dieter does not experience hunger, fatigue or weakness and is able to lose about 1 – 2 pounds per day without any exercise.

Customer Testimonials:

Here are a few of the things that actual customers have said about the Easy HCG diet:

Alexandra, Cincinnati, OH:

“I was pretty skeptical about it at first but researched more into the diet and talked with others that had used it and had successful weight loss as well… The drops worked well. I lost 20 lbs over 35 days of drops and I didn’t feel hungry at all during the diet!”

Kristen, Parksville, British Coloumbia:

“I’ve been struggling with weight loss my entire life, and I have tried literally everything to lose weight. I’ve starved myself, considered surgery in my teens! Taken pills, done Weight Watchers, everything! Nothing worked. I was ready to be fat forever when I heard about this. I was so excited that I went home and came on the site to order right away.

So far, I’ve only been on the diet for 16 days! And I have lost 19.76 pounds!! That’s more weight than I’ve ever lost in my entire life. I’m never hungry on the diet, sometimes it’s even hard to finish the little meals that are recommended to be eaten everyday! I sleep better, and I feel better. The biggest place that I’ve lost weight is on my stomach, I went from a gross 56″ all the way around to a much nicer and more noticeable 51.5″ in just 2 weeks! 4.5 inches is a HUGE deal! I tell all my family and friends about this diet, I would recommend it to anyone. Its easy and it works, what could be better? Thank you HCG!”

Jon S., Boca Raton, FL:

“I dropped 20 pounds almost effortlessly in 34 days. I mostly dropped fat versus muscle. I am now working out and feel great. At 5’6″ and 20 pounds less… My pants size dropped from almost 36″ to about 31″ to 32″. It feels good to finally get into clothes that I look nice in.

The support at EASY HCG is terrific! Most HCG online companies do not really support their customers. Any questions were thoroughly responded to. An absolute thumbs up to this program. (This is an unsolicited testimonial that I wanted to share with others who are contemplating jumping in on this program). P.S. my favorite snacks are Honeycrisp Apples and Grapefruits with Stevia! Good luck to your weight loss with EASY HCG!


It’s not hard to see why Easy HCG is rated so high. They have one of the best HCG diets around and a customer support staff that can walk you through your entire journey to becoming a slimmer, healthier version of yourself! If you are interested in purchasing Easy HCG drops you can use the promotional code ‘EASY20OFF’ and receive a 20% discount on any order. This amazing deal along with the effective HCG drops and a 100% money-back guarantee will help you lose those pesky pounds in a hurry!

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I've been in the health field for over 20 years, and have been working with people to help them increase their overall wellness. I have focused my recent studies on the hCG diet, and been able to see dramatic results in everyone I've worked with. I'm excited about what the earth has for us and the possibilities to improve our vitality. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Lesha Laxner on Google+

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