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Once upon a time, if someone had claimed that a diet product could shrink one or two pounds from my waistline every day without me having to run five miles a day and just eat lettuce, I would have scoffed. It would have sounded like a terrible joke, and anyone who believed it would have seemed clinically gullible in my eyes. Today, however, it has become clear that this really is possible. In fact, it happened to me.

HCG weight loss drops have changed my life. They transformed me from a pot-bellied mother of two to a slim woman who looks like she never gave birth in her life. I had tried so many other options that I felt like giving up. The great thing is I did not have to become an Olympic athlete to make this transformation. All I had to do was take some oral drops every day.
It is true that I was not eating as much on this diet as I had been before. HCG did something really clever to my body. This product, developed several decades ago, actually tricked my body into thinking it was pregnant. That might sound like a recipe for disaster which would lead to my gaining weight instead of losing it, but what really happened is amazing.

I ended up burning fat from around my buns and hips. My tummy shrunk. This was as a result of not eating as much food. In spite of that, my hunger pangs were manageable. Weight loss review sites explained what was happening really clearly for me, a totally non-scientific customer. When a woman is pregnant, her body needs to feed another human being using any energy available, including stored fat. This happens regularly when a pregnant woman suffers from morning sickness (or when she takes HCG).

The trick is that while I ate less, I had the same level of energy. My body remained healthy. As I had quite a lot of weight to lose, this diet worked really well for me. HCG weight loss is made for people who are substantially overweight or even obese. There are injections available too, but I hate shots, so the drops were convenient. As for the expense, I hardly felt that. After all, I was eating less food. The only extra costs I have noticed from taking this diet were felt when I went clothes shopping for smaller sizes.


*This was an article one of our readers submitted to us about how she balances her life, and the many demands.  She strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of her life.  Thanks Amy – www.hCGOnlineBuy.com

I never knew what health meant until I got to experience and live in perfect balance. Seriously, I’m talking about a healthy condition of the mind, body and social life. Once you balance these three, or maybe you can make it four and add spiritual aspect, like what I do each day, you can make reassurance that you will live long everyday without feeling tired and stressed. I say ‘long everyday’ because we, human beings, tend to prolong the days when we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything significant in our lives yet and so the sense of urgency makes it look like the days are extending. Still, at the end of each day, we usually, if not always, feel disappointed searching for, perhaps, the biggest one-shot opportunity, wealth or power. I’m not saying dreaming these things to happen in someone’s life aren’t healthy. My point is, since we all are competing in this tough and rough ride, giving oneself the time to care for himself isn’t bad as the long wait for that huge break to strike.

As for me, I never forget to give myself a five-minute break for either sipping coffee while breathing deep on the rooftop of the office building or walk my bare feet on the sand when I was assigned in the West. At least one meal, I resign my tummy from eating meat and give it with fresh greenies or juicy fruits. The thing is, it’s not bad to eat protein because our body testifies its need for a certain amount of it. The trick there is to mix vegetables and fruits in your plate and chew them slowly to allow good digestion. Also, I want waking up in the morning, jog in the park and meet new people. If I will count the benefits I will get from what I’ve just mentioned, I will surely get discipline, good cardio and social interaction, all at an hour activity. If I can get healthy this way, you too can be healthy only in your own ways.

Eating better is the secret way in maintaining a fit and strong body. Here is the list of nutritious and healthy foods that I recommend in order to achieve optimum health and body wellness.

For fruits, I propose pineapples as a snack. In addition to its refreshing taste, it also contains high amounts of fiber which is good for digestion. I also suggest apples, oranges, bananas, cantaloupes, blueberries, peaches, grapefruit, strawberries and grapes. However, you have to avoid excessive consumption of fruits because some of them contain high sugar content.

Under whole grains, I advise multigrain cereals for breakfast which include oats, rye, barley and a lot more. Some of the other alternatives include brown rice and yams together with sweet potatoes, basmati, white potatoes and 100% whole wheat bread.

For vegitables, I suggest broccoli, tomatoes, onions, spinach, cucumbers, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and salad greens. There are also lean proteins such as chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, buffalo meat, lean ground turkey, flank steak, salmon and trout which can provide healthy source of protein for your body

There are various ways on how to modify dietary plans. I always put in mind to eat in moderation and do not try to over feed myself. I have also learned to cut down my consumption of low fat yogurt, skim milk and low fat salad dressings. It is also important to trim down sodium intake as well as red meats that are usually high in fat content together alcohol, brownies, full fat dairy products and a lot more.

You must exert time and effort when it comes to the foods you eat. It is essential to acquire some information regarding the right kind of foods that are available for various health conditions. In addition to weight, I also suggest to discipline yourself regarding the quantity and quality of food you consume.